The Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (“OETC”) is issuing an Invitation to Bid for Copiers, Printers, Managed Print Services, Imaging Devices and Related Services and Software as a joint cooperative procurement on behalf of its public K-12 and higher education member institutions.

Proposal Submission Deadline:

Due Date: May 24, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. PST

Electronic Submission

Submit electronically via All required documentation must be submitted through the website no later than 2:00 p.m. on the Due Date identified above. Late bids shall be rejected.

Hard Copy Submission

No hardcopy submittals will be accepted.

Invitation to Bid Documents

The following documents comprise this invitation to bid

Intent to Award

  • CTX-Xerox
  • Pacific Office Automation
  • Ricoh USA, Inc.
Section ReferenceQuestionAnswer
1-OETC-22B-PrintServices-ITB, Page 6OETC-22B-PrintServices-ITB, page 6 states Exhibit 3 - EDGAR Certification (.doc/docx. Not required). Please confirm this document is not part of the RFP response and does not require any action in our part.It is not required.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)There are only 5 optional accessories listed as requirements. Would a full list of accessories be required for all proposed units after award; if not, where do we list all other optional accessories for each model?
Document Feeder
Stapling Finisher
Desk Unit
4 x paper sources
Yes, we would add the full line of accessories during the negotiations.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)Would OETC allow for bidders to provide Wide format and Scanners/Scanning equipmeYes.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)Would OETC allow for a separate attachment to be provided as an exhibit for all proposed software solutions?Yes
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)Where in the Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices would vendors provide the MPS solution pricing?We will review and update the price exhibit and repost on Wednesday, May 10. And extend the deadline.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)As part of our cost-effective options for schools, would OETC allow for budget and eco-friendly Greenline/Remanufactured products that are ISO 9001:2008 Certified, tested, and updated with the latest software and firmware versions?We would allow those to be submitted, but would only award to a respondent who has won on other segments
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)Would OETC allow us to modify 5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices to add additional rows should there be more equipment to be proposed within the specified speed ranges?Yes.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)Please correct the formula provided on 5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices, as it does not calculate the correct purchase price. For example, MSRP is $5000, and we provide 56% discount, the correct amount should be $2200, not $2800 as it is calculating on the sheet.We will review and correct.
8-Appendix-A-Sample-Contract-PrintServices-1Per 8-Appendix-A-Sample-Contract-PrintServices-1 document, Section III, A. 14. Operating Leases (page 4), a maintenance service program shall be charged for separately on a cost per copy basis. If vendors are required to provide a cost-per copy per model, where would the Cost Per Copy for black and white and color click rates to be added? Please adjust the 5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1) pricing file to accommodate separate cost-per-copy prices.In the "Operating Lease Options" section of the price worksheet
Pricing - MSRP Percentage Discount Purchase Price Maintenance CostWould OTEC agree to modify the language in the Sample Contract Section III, A. 14. Operating Leases (page 4), to state that the participating member is responsible at their own cost and expense to maintain the Equipment in good condition, except for ordinary wear and tear. Participating member will engage the Vendor to provide maintenance and support services pursuant to a separate agreement for such purpose (Maintenance Agreement).You can submit that request (and any proposed contract exceptions) using the contract expceptions template in your response.
Section III.A.17 (page 5)Would OETC agree to modify the Sample Contract Indemnification Language Section III.A.17 (page 5) as follows:
Each party (“Indemnifying Party”) shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the other (“Indemnified Party”) from all third-party claims incurred by the Indemnified Party arising out of the death or bodily injury of any agent, employee, or business invitee of the Indemnified Party, or the damage, loss, or destruction of any tangible property of the Indemnified Party to the extent proximately caused by the negligent acts or omissions or willful misconduct of the Indemnifying Party, its employees, or agents. Each party shall promptly notify the other in the event of the threat or initiation of any claim, demand, action or proceeding to which the indemnification obligations set forth in this Section may apply.
You can submit that request (and any proposed contract exceptions) using the contract expceptions template in your response.
9-Appendix-B-OETC-Quarterly-Admin-Fee-Reporting-PrintServicesThe 9-Appendix-B-OETC-Quarterly-Admin-Fee-Reporting-PrintServices form states 2% admin fee, where the 1-OETC-22B-PrintServices-ITB states 3%, please confirm the correct admin fee.Corrected.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)Will service pricing be evaluated separately from the price of the units or will they be blended together based on manufacturer and awarded to one vendor? (ie. if the equipment unit is higher price but the service is lower price, who will be awarded the opportunity?)Blended and awarded. Typically by manfucturer line.
5-Exhibit-1-Pricing-PrintServices (1)If manufacturer increases price does vendor have the ability to amend the contracted price to reflect new cost?Yes, based on discount on MSRP.
Will you evaluate each category (software, main units, managed print services, etc.) independently of the other?Yes, but a overall savings for a complete solution is weighted more.
Will you give partial awards for multiple manufacturers? (ie. will you award different segments to different vendors?)If it serves the best interests of the consortium members.
Will this contract replace the Managed Print Services contract that was extended to 2023?If appropriate.