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Pagefreezer helps OETC members monitor and archive social media channels.

Social media is a useful communication tool for community engagement, but educational institutions need the ability to monitor online conversations for inappropriate behavior, protect their reputations and capture all content in real-time — ensuring that even deleted content is archived. That’s where Pagefreezer comes in. Request a demo today to learn more.

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Pagefreezer is an electronic records management solution that automates the monitoring and recordkeeping of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It lets educational institutions better manage online conversations by monitoring posts and comments for inappropriate behavior (like profanity use, bullying, and harassment), and capturing all data for compliance and litigation—including edited posts and deleted comments.

Real-time alerts for easy monitoring

Real-time alerts for easy monitoring

Receive immediate notifications if something is posted on official channels that does not conform to the institution’s policies. This could include profanity, threats, and even sensitive personal information like a student ID or social security number.

Complete Records for compliance and litigation

Complete records for compliance and litigation

Have complete records of all content on social media, including posts that were edited and comments that were deleted.

Monitor social media conversations more effectively—know as soon as inappropriate content is posted.
Capture all of your social media content, including DMs on Twitter and Private Messages on Facebook.
Have complete records of social media content (including edited/deleted posts and comments) for litigation purposes.
Easily show compliance with open records regulations related to social media content.
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Through our competitive bidding process, OETC has secured a volume price agreement with Pagefreezer and is proud to offer special pricing to OETC members.



OETC guides and advises our members on what is best for them — and helps them follow all state and local laws with our competitively-bid contracts.



OETC negotiates aggressively on our members’ behalf, ensuring discounts on over a million products ranging from software to furniture.



The relationship does not end with a purchase; OETC is committed to helping and supporting members as they implement their new tech.

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Websites and social media are considered public records and fall under the open records laws set out for government agencies including K-12 schools. As a result of these laws, schools must take the time to understand key regulations and take necessary steps to meet associated recordkeeping requirements.

This Pagefreezer white paper explains what schools need to do in order to comply with open records laws as they relate to website and social media use. For more information on the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and social media, you can visit this page.

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