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Add your voice to a consortium with the negotiating power of over 1,000 educational institutions in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

The OETC Consortium is a team of accredited educational institutions united by the belief that everyone should have access to the tools for a great education.

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Membership Terms and Conditions

What You Get

OETC has negotiated contracts with some of the best manufacturers and resellers in the industry. We currently have over 70 manufacturers under competitively bid contracts covering more than 10,000 SKUs.

Reliable RFPs and Contracts

OETC’s RFP process adheres to model contracting laws, and all RFP and contract documentation is publicly accessible for the benefit of our membership.

Informed Purchasing

From its unique position in the industry, the OETC consortium is able to utilize purchasing trend data to support members in making informed decisions.

The OETC Store

Purchase technology from some of the best vendors and manufacturers in the industry with the convenience of our online store.

Personalized Assistance

Our dedicated support staff provides OETC members reliable support to ensure a positive purchasing experience.

Purchasing Power

The collective voice of the membership empowers OETC to negotiate better deals for members than they could get on their own.

Board Representation

A member-elected board of directors represents each of the regions OETC serves, so that all members have a voice to vouch for their interests in board decisions.

Accessible Technology for Libraries

OETC serves libraries and library patrons by making purchasing technology simple, efficient, and affordable to meet their needs.

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What You Need to Know

Before you begin OETC’s online membership application, we recommend reviewing these sources of information:

Which institutions are eligible for OETC Membership?

Membership applications are intended to be completed for the benefit of an educational institution. Individuals seeking membership must apply through their institution.

The following types of institutions are eligible for membership:

  • Any accredited educational institution
  • Pre-K, K-16 and Higher Education
  • Public and private institutions
  • Educational Service Districts
  • State Departments of Education
  • Libraries

An educational institution is defined as an incorporated or governmental not-for-profit entity with the purpose of providing direct instruction to students in grades K-20 applicable towards a degree recognized by an independent accreditation organization.

Who is eligible to fill out the membership application?

Any employee at an accredited educational institution can fill out the general information for the membership application.

Who is eligible to authorize an application for their institution?

The membership application must receive an authorization signature from the Main Technology Contact* at the applicant institution to finalize the process.

*The Main Technology Contact person is usually, but not always, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Information Technology (IT) Manager at the applicant institution.

The Main Technology Contact must be able to:

  1. Legally enter into a purchase agreement with OETC.
  2. Represent the applicant educational institution as a voting member in the annual Board Member elections.

Download the OETC Membership Terms and Conditions.

Email, fax, or mail the signed terms and conditions back to OETC to finalize the application

Why are there membership fees?

Negotiation Power

Membership fees ensure that OETC can walk away from any contract negotiation with a vendor that does not serve our membership’s best interest in price and quality.

Invested Interests

As a nonprofit company, revenue from membership fees is invested back into the communities we serve, supporting our mission to enable and empower educators, administrators and leaders in education.

Organization Type or Size Price
K-12 Institution — 100 or fewer students $35.00
K-12 Institution — 101–500 students $75.00
K-12 Institution — 501–2000 students $150.00
K-12 Institution — 2001+ students $300.00
Education Service District (ESD, ESA) $150.00
Higher Education, Community Colleges $300.00
Professional Educational Organizations with a staff of 25 or less $150.00
Professional Educational Organizations with a staff of more than 25 $300.00
Libraries with a staff of 25 or less $150.00
Libraries with a staff of more than 25 $300.00
State Department of Education $500.00

The application is three steps. It should take less than 10 minutes in total. The following section outlines the information you will need in order to fill out your application.

  1. Institutional Information

    • Educational Institution Name
    • Type of Institution
    • Full Time Equivalent of Staff
    • Full Time Enrollment of Students

    These numbers are estimates and do not need to be exact. They determine the membership fee bracket you will be placed in based on the general size of your institution.

  2. Billing and Shipping Information

    • Billing Contact information—the Billing Contact should be the person at your institution responsible for receiving invoices
    • Billing address
    • Shipping address—if different from the billing address

    This information allows OETC operations to verify the credibility of your institution. We do not charge you any membership fees for the first year. After the first year, fees are charged to your institution annually.

  3. Main Technology Contact Information

    This person is usually, but not always, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Information Technology (IT) Manager at the applicant institution.

    The Main Technology Contact must be legally able to enter into a purchase agreement with OETC.

    The Main Technology Contact will also represent the applicant institution as a voting member. The voting member casts an annual vote for their institution to elect members of the OETC Board.

Download a copy of the OETC Membership Terms and Conditions.

The Main Technology Contact must send a signed version of the terms and conditions to OETC to finalize the application process.


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