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How to Join OETC

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Who is eligible for membership?
  • Any accredited educational institution
  • PreK, K-16, & Higher Ed
  • Public and Private institutions
  • Educational Service Districts
  • State Departments of Education

Membership in OETC is open to any accredited educational institution in the United States that serves preK-20 students. This includes, but is not limited to, public PreK–12 school districts, state-recognized private schools, community colleges, two– and four–year universities and colleges, regional educational service districts, professional educational organizations serving educators of PreK-16 students, and state agencies primarily responsible for the administration of public education in any state in the U.S.

An educational institution is defined as an incorporated or governmental not-for-profit entity with the purpose of providing direct instruction to students in grades preK-16 applicable towards a degree recognized by an independent accreditation organization.

Fee Schedule
Organization Type or Size Price
K12 Institution—100 or less students $35.00
K12 Institution—101-500 students $75.00
K12 Institution—501-2000 students $150.00
K12 Institution—2001+ students $300.00
Education Service District (ESD, ESA) $150.00
Higher Education, Community Colleges $300.00
Professional Educational Organizations, with a staff of 25 or less $150.00
Professional Educational Organizations, with a staff of more than 25 $300.00
State Department of Education $500.00