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OETC members use Remind to improve their class attendance and retention rate.

80% of US public schools use Remind to give parents an easier way to participate in their children’s education. See what it would cost to upgrade to a Remind district or school plan using OETC’s RFP-backed contract.

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Remind is a secure messaging platform that streamlines communication between teachers, parents, and students.

It encourages community engagement with student education all through an easy-to-use platform. With 31 million monthly active users, Remind is leading the way to easy and efficient communication between parents, teachers, and student.

Messages that go to any phone

Remind works on the devices that you already use – and keeps communication accessible for everyone.

Built for education

Personal information stays secure with privacy policies certified by iKeepSafe.

Through our competitive bid process, OETC has an RFP-Backed contract with Remind, offering special pricing per student on a Remind plan.

Audit Kits

Our RFPs follow model contracting laws. We provide all necessary documentation for an OETC contract when a state agency is performing an audit.

Educational Pricing

OETC focuses on what’s best for education because we are run by education. Our education focus gets us special pricing available only to education institutions. This pricing often is not available for state agencies on national contracts.

An Education Non-Profit

OETC is a non profit formed by education, for education. Being a non profit we can focus solely on our members’ needs and interests. And we can give unbiased advice without motive for profit.

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Remind allows for instant communication between parents, teachers, and students without any party having to give out their personal information.


Users can customize how they wish to receive notifications, either through the app, via text message, or a phone call.


Read receipts create measurable feedback for teachers to know if parents are seeing the information they’re supposed to.


It’s easier than ever to get all parents onboard through the Remind app which can be set up before the first day of school.

Get parents and students involved.


“I’ll send parents a text like, ‘Today, we learned about rabbits. Ask your kid about rabbits.’ And the kids open up. It’s a good way to start that conversation at home.”
Denise Baumbach, Teacher

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With a Remind Plan, everything just got easier. With district wide messaging, communication logs and advanced controls, managing a district has been simplified.

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