How School Districts are adapting to the COVID-19 outbreak

Please join us for a remote panel, held via Zoom, about how Oregon and Washington school districts are adapting to the COVID-19 outbreak

When: Noon PST on Friday, March 27

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OETC will host a Spotlight remote panel on school districts and coronavirus at noon on Friday, March 27.

We’ve convened CIOs and leadership from districts who are both planning for and already affected by the virus. They’ll share what they’re currently doing, possible solutions, challenges experienced and ideas.

Panelists will have a moderated discussion for 30 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A.

Panelists include:

  • Ellen Dorr, CTO at Renton School District
  • Steve Langford, CIO at Beaverton School District
  • Brooke Trisler, CTO at Mukilteo School District
  • Rachel Wente-Chaney, CIO at High Desert ESD

Topics include:

  • How have the past week or two weeks been for your district and team?
  • How have you and your team adjusted to working remotely? What works, and what doesn’t?
  • Any successes or cool ideas to share?
  • What is your biggest obstacle right now?
  • Where are you with distance learning — are you trying to implement it now? For next year? What is standing between you and an effective distance learning program?

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Please note that we can’t get to all the questions during the webinar; questions submitted ahead of time are much more likely to get answered, and it gives panelists the opportunity to prepare better.