Please join us for a remote panel, held via Zoom, about how Oregon and Washington school districts are preparing for and dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak

When: Noon PST on Friday, March 13

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In partnership with ACPE, OETC will host our first-ever Spotlight remote panel on school districts and coronavirus at noon on Friday, March 13.

We’ve convened CIOs and leadership from districts who are both planning for and already affected by the virus. They’ll share what they’re currently doing, possible solutions, challenges experienced and ideas.

We’ll hear from each of the following during the 30-minute panel, followed by a Q&A:

  • Allen Miedema, Executive Director for Technology at Northshore School District
  • Don Wolff, CTO, Portland Public Schools
  • Jennifer Clouser, Executive Director, Department of Technology at Auburn School District
  • Joe Morelock, Superintendent of Newberg Public Schools

Topics include:

  • What are you learning on the ground?
  • What resources are helpful?
  • Any unique ideas you have to help staff, students and parents?
  • What, if any, technological solutions are you looking to implement?
  • What are the obstacles you’re facing with distance learning and/or communications?
  • What is something that you’ve been surprised by?
  • How helpful are state agencies?

You’re also welcome to submit your own questions ahead of time:

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