On July 1, OETC debuted our new store. If your account has not been active in the past year, you might not have not yet been migrated to the new platform. 

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Our new store brings many new features, including new favorites, bundling options, a greatly expanded catalog and up-to-the minute supply information.

Please note that the previous store — store.oetc.org — is still live, but only for the purpose of accessing your order history, which cannot be ported to the new store. Again, you can no longer make purchases via the old store. 

We're more than happy to re-activate your account; you can reach out to us via the help desk or by emailing help@oetc.org.

As always, thank you for being a part of OETC and supporting us in our mission to make educational technology affordable, understandable and accessible to all.

— the OETC team

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