The Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (“OETC”) is issuing an Invitation to Bid for Educational Audio Solutions as a Joint Cooperative Procurement on behalf of its public K-12 and higher education member institutions. The purpose of this ITB is to solicit proposals from qualified providers to provide OETC’s members with audio solutions geared toward educational instruction.

Proposals should be mailed to the address below or delivered in person to Zach Jensen and must arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on November 22, 2019.

Deliver Sealed Bids to:

Attn: Zach Jensen / OETC-19I-EducationalAudio-Insert Respondent Company Name
471 High Street SE
Suite 10-Creekside
Salem, OR 97301

Responses Received

  • Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
  • Troxell-CDI
  • FrontRow

Intent to Award

  • Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
  • Troxell-CDI
  • FrontRow

The following files are required for this solicitation:

  • OETC-19I-EducationalAudio: ITB Document
  • OETC-19I-EducationalAudio: Exhibit 1
  • OETC-19I-EducationalAudio: Exhibit 2 – Questions
  • Questions and Answers

    Section ReferenceQuestionAnswer
    ITB Cover, Pg 2, pg 3Conflicting due dates are given, 11/22 and 11/23. Which is preferred? Probably 11/22 which is Friday but please confirm.Thank you for bringing this to our attention. All responses must be submitted by Friday 11/22 at 5p PST. The bid documents have been corrected to reflect this information.
    Pg 2; pg 13 Item 3Clarifying there is one 3-year renewal available?Yes, contract awardees have the option to sign annual renewals for the three years following the original term or sign one three-year extension at the end of the original three-year term.
    Page 7, Exhibit 2 - QuestionsIf we submit questions (as I am doing now) do we need to submit a copy of this Exhibit 2 Questions page with our submittal with those same questions?No.
    Exhibit 1, Category Percentage off of MSRPConfirm we do not need to list each product, we can simply list categories. E.g classroom audio systems 10% off, classroom audio system accessories 15% off.Confirmed.
    Exhibit 1, Category Percentage off of MSRPWe offer volume discounts on contract sales however it is unit-based not dollar based. How can we show that with our submittal?Please create a new tab immediately following "% off of MSRP" and include the unit-based discount thresholds in the format of your choice.
    Section II: Instructions, 5) and Native FormatIn interpreting this, Do you not want all 23 pages of the MS Word -based ITB back as part of our response; or should we just break out and create MS Word based Bid Signature Page, Attachment A, B? Please advise.All 23 pages of the MS Word-based ITB document should be included in your submission, including the suspension and debarment certification, signature page, and attachment A & B.
    GeneralConfirm there is no need to submit product literature and/or specifications.Confirmed.
    Section 2(9)(g)Provide product pricing: If we have completed the Percentage off of MSRP tab with categories and percentages only, are you asking here for the inclusion of a separate file with a detailed list of all products and prices (e.g. Our own Excel-based worksheet with several hundred rows of products, part numbers, prices, etc.) or are you asking for Exhibit 1 to be provided in Excel as well as PDF format? Yes. The % off of MSRP is important for scoring responses, however a full excel sheet with all products for which you are submitting a bid should be included in a separate Excel file included on the USB thumb drive. The price list does not need to be submitted in .PDF format.