Store FAQ:

  1. I am not getting an email for my password reset.
    • This could be one of a few things:
      • It’s getting lost in your spam filter;
      • You didn’t have an account with this email;
      • You did have an account but hadn’t logged into it in more than a year, so it wasn’t imported. In any event, you should reach out to us.
  2. How do I add users on the new site?
  3. Does the comparison feature work for software?
    • The new comparison tool works for all products you can find on, including software. However, our comparison points are sourced from a third-party data provider and their information usually isn’t as extensive for software.
  4. My invoice did not include a PO number. How should I go about fixing this?
  5. How can I update the name of an item in my favorites?
  6. Will search fields be updated to accept wild card (*)?
  7. When requesting a quote, will an auto quote be emailed?
    • Our quoting process requires back-and-forth with our suppliers as we try to negotiate the best price. Unfortunately, this means we can’t provide quotes automatically.
  8. Will order history from the old site will be available on the new site? How do you receive an order history from the old store?
    • Order history from the old site is not available on the new site. You’ll access it as you always have — log in to the old store (, click the Account drop-down in the upper right corner, then select ‘Orders.’ You can find a step-by-step tutorial here. OETC will retain a copy of your order history in perpetuity and it will always be available on request from you or someone from your institution.
  9. How long will the previous store be live?
    • We anticipate keeping the old store live through the end of 2019, but your order history will be available in perpetuity and can be requested by
  10. I don’t have sufficient permissions when clicking the “Download order history” button in the old store. What should I do?
  11. How can a school tech forward a technology cart to their verified purchaser?
  12. How do I view my license purchases and distributions?
    • For purchases made after July 1, 2019, you can view your license keys in your order history using our new reports feature, as covered in the webinar. To search your order history for a specific license, select the “Mfr Part #” option from the “Sales By:” menu. To see how to access your order history report, visit this support doc
    • For license key information from orders prior to July 1, 2019, you can continue to use the old site ( as before.
  13. How do I find items? I’m not finding some stuff.
    • This could be one of several issues:
      • It may still be in the migration process;
      • It is not something that you could ever buy directly through the store (this is mostly, but not all, services);
      • Our new store system doesn’t use OETC’s custom SKUs; we now use standard manufacturer SKU; or
      • We didn’t migrate our entire catalog. Instead we used the migration as an opportunity to remove items that hadn’t been updated or purchased in a while, or had extremely low purchase rates. However, if we got something wrong, just let know and we’ll get it added quickly.
  14. Why do some parts tell me to call?
    • Due to the nature of how our suppliers present us with pricing, some parts are showing up with “Call” instead of price. We are actively working to resolve that and plan to have the issue resolved in the coming weeks. In the meantime contact, and we will make a quote for you.
  15. How do I add a user’s email address?
  16. There’s been a change in checkout — how do I pay with a credit card?
    • You may pay your invoice with a credit card. Your invoice will be emailed to you and there will be a link to pay with a credit card.
    • The ability to pay with a credit card at checkout is coming soon.
As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach out by email at or fill out a help ticket.