Device re-sale with PlanITROI

OETC has partnered with PlanITROI to redeploy, remarket or recycle retired devices, which means money or trade-in value back to you.

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Why should I retire and return devices?

When PlanITROI purchases your retired devices, you maximize recovered dollars and devices get a second life:

Money back

Money Back

You’ll receive the lions’ share of device resale value on the vibrant refurbished market.

Data security

Data Security

All data on every device is completely erased or shredded to Department of Defence and NIST standards.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

With PlanITROI, you know that your data is secure, your devices are handled properly and you’ll get maximum return.

Chain-of-custody reporting

Chain-of-Custody Reporting

Real-time data with 100% transparency and reporting of your assets.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Reuse, not recycling is best for the globe and your bottom line.

Additional PlanITROI services


Tech trade up

Send your old devices to PlanITROI for an evaluation/quote on each of your devices for trade-in value, which be used as a credit or sent directly back to you.

Short-term computer rentals

PlanITROI has short-term computer rentals for students and staff that can be delivered directly to their homes.

Other brands: OETC also works with Boise Recycling if you’re interested in an alternative recycling and buyback option.

How the trade-in process works

Request a quote

Request a quote

Fill out the quote form below to get your trade in process started

Receive a trade-in quote

Receive a trade-in quote

PlanITROI will issue a quote directly to you after all the necessary information has been provided

PLogistics, packaging and shipping

Logistics, packaging and shipping

PlanITROI will provide free premium packaging for easy shipping and recycling



After the devices have been received, PlanITROI issues a report to validate each device’s trade in value

Data destruction

Data destruction

100% guarenteed data erasure to destruction standards with certificate of data erasure report

Payment issued

Payment issued

PlanITROI pays out to you with a credit with OETC or directly

Settlement report

Settlement report

PlanITROI generates a settlement report detailing all device information


Watch the PlanITROI+OETC webinar

Topics covered:

  • Security: Upon receipt of your devices, PlanITROI wipes them to DoD/NIST standards, documenting the process with chain-of-command reporting.
  • Social impact: PlanITROI’s Digital Dreams Project aims to close the digital divide, passing along gently used devices to disadvantaged groups, with a focus on families of Black and Brown students.
  • Sustainability: PlanITROI works on two fronts — they ensure that tech departments are able to expand their budgets and purchasing power (including receiving OETC credit) and keeps devices out of landfills and in the hands of those who need them.
  • Guaranteed highest prices for Chromebooks: With transparent pricing, you can get up to $50 per device for select models.

Why buy through OETC?

Chromebooks with OETC

Buyback expertise

OETC can help find the best option for your school, college or institution. Contact us and we’ll assist you in getting the best deal for your used technology.

Chromebooks with OETC

Discount pricing for education

Aggressive negotiation on behalf of our consortium gets us special pricing, discounts and incentives available only to members.

Chromebooks with OETC

Dedicated support and assistance

Our dedicated support team is always just a call away. Get your technology problems attended to by real people in just minutes.

Chromebooks with OETC

Nonprofit values and community

As a nonprofit, OETC is dedicated to serving all schools and colleges. By purchasing through us, you help make educational technology affordable and accessible to all.