OETC’s EdTech effectiveness platforms on contract

These data-driven platforms gives insight into what works in your district and what doesn’t, whether that’s spotting apps that aren’t used or analyzing the type of remote learning that’s most effective.

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EdTech effectiveness with OETC


LearnPlatform's EdTech effectiveness with OETC

Modernize your edtech infrastructure with LearnPlatform
LearnPlatform’s Edtech Effectiveness System provides organizations with what they need to advance equity, promote security, safeguard student data privacy and maximize academic and financial return on their edtech investment.

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Why buy through OETC?

EdTech effectiveness expertise

EdTech effectiveness expertise

OETC can help find the best option for your school, college or institution. Contact us and we’ll assist you in selecting the EdTech that meets your needs.

Discount pricing for education

Discount pricing for education

Aggressive negotiation on behalf of our consortium gets us special pricing, discounts and incentives available only to members.

Dedicated support and assistance for EdTech effectiveness

Dedicated support and assistance

Our dedicated support team is always just a call away. Get your technology problems attended to by real people in just minutes.

Nonprofit values and community

Nonprofit values and community

As a nonprofit, OETC is dedicated to serving all schools and colleges. By purchasing through us, you help make educational technology affordable and accessible to all.

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