The Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (“OETC”) is issuing an Invitation to Bid for Physical Security solutions and services as a Joint Cooperative Procurement on behalf of its public K-12 and higher education member institutions. The purpose of this ITB is to solicit proposals from qualified providers to provide OETC’s members with a comprehensive catalog of physical security products and services.

Proposals should be mailed to the address below or delivered in person to Zach Jensen and must arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on April 26, 2019.

Deliver Sealed Bids to:

Attn: Zach Jensen / OETC-19I-Physical Security-
471 High Street SE
Suite 10-Creekside
Salem, OR 97301

Intent to Award

Absco Solutions



Responses Received

RespondentDate Bid arrivedTime bid arrivedDate bid openedIncludes USB Flash Drive
EdneticsApril 26, 20191:25p PSTApril 29, 2019Yes
D-LinkApril 25, 201910:00a PSTApril 29, 2019Yes
Absco SolutionsApril 16, 20192:27p PSTApril 29, 2019Yes
Fortior SolutionsApril 24, 20191:25p PSTApril 29, 2019Yes
IES CommunicationApril 26, 20191:00p PSTApril 29, 2019Yes

Questions & Answers

I am working on the RFP listed above and I am having problems with the formatting of the documents to print out and put in the RFP package…Is there any way you can upload or send me an unlocked document to complete and print for the Exhibit Documentation?Per the bid instructions, all bids/proposals must be submitted on a USB flash drive and mailed to our office. Exhibit 1 must be in digital format in order to compare and score the responses.
Can we pick our Fulfillment Agent(s) later? Form E state it is optional. Note, we are not planning to sell directly to OETC.Fulfillment agents do not need to be included in your bid if you will be selling directly to OETC Members. The bid document does state this is optional, as OETC often works with manufacturers who sell directly and do not utilize fulfillment agents. Fulfillment agents can be added/changed/removed at any time during the duration of the contract.
In regards to the administrative fee: is the five percent amount listed in the RFP mandatory. This is significantly higher than the industry standard.The five percent administrative fee is proposed for this contract due to the investment of OETC's external sales and marketing team. OETC will actively promote contracts resulting from this bid and act as a sales enablement entity in partnership with vendors. The administrative fee may be negotiated during the contract negotiation phase.
Can I email our company's proposal?No. In order to adhere to competitive sealed bidding requirments for each state represented by OETC's membership, each bid response must be compiled on a USB flash drive and physically delivered to the office in Salem by the due date. This allows OETC to open all bids at the same time and preserve the confidentiality of each bid.
Does OETC provide support services for its buyers?No. Any services related to installation, maintenance, or training must be included in your bid.
Is the doscounted pricing provided by vendors to OETC members only available if you log in to your web store as a member?Educational pricing proposed in your company's response will be available to any accredited educational institution that is currently a member of OETC. While these contracts are also available to state and local governments, there is no expectation that the same pricing be made available to those entities.
Can we add additional products after the contract has been awarded?Yes. As long as the products and/or services are covered by the original intent of the Invitation to Bid, they can be added at any time for the duration of the contract.

The following files are required for this solicitation: