Voice Over IP and Video Conferencing Solutions Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Voice Over IP and Video Conferencing Solutions on behalf of its public K-20 member institutions. The purpose is to identify and award a contract to provide volume price agreement and fulfillment services for the consortium members.

Proposals should be mailed to the address below or delivered in person to Kim Buchanan, Project Coordinator and must arrive no later than 2:00 p.m. PT on November 10, 2010.

Attn: Kim Buchanan
14145 SW Galbreath Drive
Sherwood, OR 97140

The following files are required for this RFP:

Proposals Received

  • INX
  • OneVision Solutions
  • Altura
  • LG-Ericsson
  • VIA3 Corporation
  • ShoreTel
  • CSI
  • Troxell
  • LifeSize
  • KRP

Resulting Contracts

All contracts resulting from this solicitation have expired. Find current contracts on the OETC Store.


OETC is a nonprofit that empowers educational institutions. We represent our membership in organizing cost-effective, cooperative technology purchases through a sealed, competitive bid process to negotiate contracts that abide by state procurement statutes.

How It Works:

  1. OETC advertises a multi-state, open, competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) based on a non-brand specification on behalf of our public membership.
  2. Trained OETC scorers evaluate proposals based on a disclosed rubric.
  3. Awards are based on the lowest price offering from a qualified respondent.

13 thoughts on “Request for Proposals (RFP) – Voice Over IP and Video Conferencing Solutions

  1. Question 1: Is OETC accepting proposals for Hosted VoIP solutions in conjunction with the solicitation for Contract Number: OETC-voip-2010

    Question 2: Is OETC intending to file an eRate Form 470 in conjunction with the solicitation for Contract number OETC-voip-2010

    1. Question 1. Yes, we are.

      Question 2. No. Our members apply for eRate funding when / if they choose to use the contract. This RFP is done on behalf of our public members.

  2. Can you please verify the admin fees for this RFP? In section IV of the RFP (letter D), it states the admin fee will be 3%. However, in the document “oetc-voip-2010-exhibits” it states 5% as the admin fee on tab Exhibit A (column H). Please clarify.

    1. The admin fee in the RFP (3%) is controlling . The admin fee, in Exhibit A, or otherwise, won’t effect the scoring of the RFP. In scoring pricing OETC’s members care about the lowest price bid.

  3. In reading the instructions, OETC will add up to a 3% admin fee to the price paid per item? To cover the admin fee’s associated with this contract. Can we pay that cost on behalf of the members?

  4. To confirm, we see on the side that we are to communicate the % below MSRP. That amount should equal the ‘Unit Price’ so that if you worked backward and added the % below MSRP then you would get to the MSRP before discount?

    1. The % below MSRP or Cost Plus is for items you don’t specifically bid, or for items that are added to the contract because they are created during the contract period.

      The % below MSRP or Cost Plus does not need to match the specifically bid items. It is there to provide a pricing framework for items not specifically bid.

  5. 1) Will the awarded Vendor have the ability to proactively contact the OETC members?
    2) According to the RFP you are weighing heavily the pricing, are you willing to separate the VoIP and Video proposals or is it mandatory they both come from the same vendor?
    3) Will you accept options (not weighed in the RFP) such as other applications applicable specific to the education vertical that would work hand in hand with the VoIP or Video systems proposed?
    4) This RFP is extremely vague when identifying what a VoIP system is considered and as you probably already know there are many definitions and levels of quality (QOS) depending on who you talk What initiative is driving you requiring a VoIP system for your members?
    5) Will the OETC be deploying the winning vendors system?
    6) Are there current members of the OETC who have VoIP/Video projects on hold waiting for this pricing?

    1. 1. We do not turn over our membership contact information to vendors.

      2. We always strive to compare apples to apples when we score RFPs.

      3. I’m unsure what this question is referring to.

      4. Membership demand.

      5. We wouldn’t make that guarantee.

      6. We do not disclose the deliberations or internal thought processes of our membership to vendors.

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