About SMART Learning Suite Licensing

The SMART Learning Suite

The SMART Learning Suite is a powerful piece of classroom technology that delivers lessons through game-based experiences. OETC members can gain access to SMART Learning Suite licensing. The SMART Learning Suite contains the following:
  • SMART Notebook
  • SMART lab
  • SMART response
  • SMART amp
See the SMART Learning Suite brochure [PDF] for product details.

Required Licensing Options

SMART no longer offers SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART response, and SMART amp as separate products. The SMART Learning Suite contains all of these products under one price.

How to License

Each SMART Learning Suite license includes the following:
  • Four (4) SMART Notebook activations for an individual teacher;
  • Thirty (30) SMART student licenses (includes lab, response, and amp) for students of that teacher—if a teacher has more than thirty (30) students, the number of student licenses can be increased at no additional cost.
A SMART Learning Suite license must be assigned to an individual teacher, who can then activate SMART Notebook classroom technologyon up to four (4) devices. Each teacher license comes with a default of thirty (30) student licenses that are tagged to that teacher. If a teacher has more than the default number of students, the number of student licenses can be increased at no additional price—contact OETC to request additional student licenses.

Discount Qualifications

SMART Interactive Devices

Teachers that have SMART interactive classroom technology (e.g. projector, display board, table, etc.) in their classroom are eligible to receive the SMART Learning Suite at a discounted price. To claim this discount, note the number of SMART devices in your institution when requesting a quote from OETC. (Devices must have SMART branding on them to qualify.)

Large Purchases

Purchases of more than ten (10) SMART Learning Suite licenses may qualify for a discount on the total price of the order. Discounts may also apply when purchasing licenses that do not expire for at least two (2) years. (One-year licenses do not qualify for this discount.)

Request a Quote

To request a quote for your institution or renew an existing serial key, fill out a brief form (link below). Be prepared to answer the following questions:
  1. How many teachers would you like to provide with a SMART license?
  2. How many SMART interactive devices do you currently have in your institution?
  3. How many years would you like the license to last?
  4. Are you renewing an existing key? (You must provide your current serial key in order to renew.)