Contract Overview

OETC’s RFP-backed Contract Procedure

As a cooperative purchasing organization, OETC adheres to a sealed, competitive bidding process to negotiate contracts that abide by state procurement statutes.
  1. OETC advertises a multi-state, open, competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) based on a non-brand specification on behalf of our public membership.
  2. Trained scorers evaluate proposals based on a disclosed rubric.
  3. Awards are based on the lowest price offering from a qualified respondent.

RFP Documentation

All education technology RFP documentation can be found at All resulting contracts from a RFP can be found at

Audit Support

OETC provides complete education technology RFP and contract documentation to any state agency auditing a member for a purchase on an OETC contract.

Independent Financial Review

OETC’s finances are reviewed by an independent CPA every year and findings are presented to the board for review.

State Law Authorization

Listed below are a sampling of the specific statutes in our core membership states for cooperative purchasing.
  • Alaska – Alaska Stat. 36.30.700 Cooperative purchasing authorized. (Alaska Statutes (2015 Edition))
  • California – CA Govt Sec. 6500-6537 (California Code (2015 Edition))
  • Idaho – Idaho Code 67-2326 Joint Action By Public Agencies — Purpose. (Idaho Statutes (2015 Edition))
  • Montana – Mont. Code 18-4-402 Cooperative purchasing authorized.
  • Oregon – (ORS 279A & ORS 279B)
  • Wyoming – Wyo. Stat. 16-1-101 Authority to cooperate. (Wyoming Statutes (2014 Edition))
  • Washington – Wash. Rev. Code 39.34.030 Joint powers — Agreements for joint or cooperative action, requisites, effect on responsibilities of component agencies — Financing of joint projects. (Revised Code of Washington (2015 Edition))
  • Hawaii – Haw. Rev. Stat. 103D-802 Cooperative purchasing authorized. (Hawaii Revised Statutes (2015 Edition))
Download the OETC Contract Overview [PDF].