OETC members use KnowBe4 to prepare their staff to face cybersecurity threats.

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Salem-Keizer School District chose KnowBe4 as their cybersecurity solution:

“I went with KnowBe4 because of its flexibility and customization and its training resource library. It’s one of the premier products on the market and well worth the cost to help educate staff and increase resilience to email phishing attacks.

Robert Silva
Director of Technology and Information Services
Salem-Keizer School District

Salem-Keizer School District
Public K-12
Budget: $683 million (general fund)
Students: 40,282
Teachers: 2,242
Staff: 1552

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How Salem-Keizer School District faces the rising tide of phishing attacks

What is KnowBe4?

KnowBe4 has become the industry standard for security awareness training. KnowBe4 prepares your school for the latest cybersecurity threats through an integrated platform that trains your users with simulated phishing attacks.

What Makes KnowBe4 Different?

Get to the root of the problem.
KnowBe4’s security awareness training helps your staff make smarter security decisions every day. When everyone is aware, your school is safer.

Realistic phishing simulations.
KnowBe4 gives you access to thousands of simulated phishing emails designed to test your staff.

Always up-to-date.
KnowBe4’s training resource library and simulated phishing campaigns are constantly updated to mimic the latest cyberthreats.

Now With New Features

Advanced Reporting Guide.
Enhance your reports and track your team’s progress through your security awareness training program with new and improved metrics.

Virtual Risk Officer.
The Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) feature calculates a risk score for users, groups, and your organization as a whole, helping you detect and strengthen the weakest points in your human firewall.

Let OETC’s team help you find out how KnowBe4 can work in your district.

Even the best security infrastructure won’t help if your end users fall victim to phishing. Request a quote and join the OETC Members who protect their institutions with KnowBe4.