OETC AppleCare Alliance

Responsive image OETC is pleased to announce OETC AppleCare OS Alliance, an AppleCare OS Support program exclusively for OETC members. This support programs allows member institutions to purchase any number of AppleCare OS Support technical contacts for their institution, with no minimums, and at a low per-contact price.

What Is AppleCare OS Support?

AppleCare OS support is an IT department-level support program used when deploying or managing iOS, OS X, or OS X Server in your organization. AppleCare OS Support delivers phone and email support for advanced integration, migration, and server operation issues. AppleCare OS Support is an annual agreement. AppleCare OS Support provides a service level agreement that can be accessed by your institution’s named technical contacts on file with Apple.

General Features

  • Current versions of iOS, OS X and OS X Server support.
  • Apple hardware support.
  • Network support, including Xsan.
  • Directory service integration and client management.
  • Mac configuration to work with existing enterprise grade networks.
  • Mac OS X integration into cross-platform environments.
AppleCare Help Desk Support, which includes:
  • Unlimited number of support instances for software installation, launch and use.
  • Hardware and software diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Issue isolation for Apple-based solutions.
  • Technician Training.
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Why Should I Join OETC’s AppleCare Alliance?

Apple provides three AppleCare OS Support options:
  1. Select
  2. Preferred
  3. Alliance
When compared to OETC’s AppleCare Alliance, these options carry a large upfront cost and have high, per-contact price. OETC’s AppleCare Alliance allows a member to purchase just a single technical support contact at a low, per-contact price. Institutions may purchase more than one contact, also at the lowest, per-contact price. With OETC’s AppleCare Alliance institutions pay for only what they need, and receive a pricing advantage from buying at a consortium level.
Program Cost
Preferred $15,996
Alliance $39,996
OETC’s Alliance $6,700

Features of AppleCare OS Support Alliance

  • Covers an unlimited number of enterprise-level incidents across multiple locations.
  • One-hour response for priority 1 issues.
  • Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Onsite review by an Apple technical support engineer.
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager for your institution.
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If I’m Interested, What Should I Do?

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