What is the OETC?

OETC is you

OETC is an incorporated non-profit formed by educational institutions throughout the U.S. We represent our members in educational technology procurement, and use our collective knowledge to help each other in integrating technology to improve education.

Together we can achieve more

The OETC represents over 900 educational institutions that serve over 750,000 students. From Portland State University, the largest public university in Oregon, to the Nome School District in Alaska, OETC represents education institutions, large and small. Join Today

Better education through technology integration

Purchase Technology

Education always has to make do with less. We have to prepare students to effectively participate in the societies and economies of the future, often with only the tools of yesterday at our disposal. So OETC members band together to collectively negotiate with vendors to achieve economies of scale not available to any single member. And if saving money is good, saving time is even better. OETC’s contracts save everyone time from conducting individual procurements, and our online store makes procurement fast and simple.

Integrate Technology

The members of OETC understand purchasing technology is only the first step. From Kindergarten to Higher Education the members of OETC recognize education only fulfills its potential and promise when instruction is adapted to leverage the advantages technology has to offer. To this end OETC has a staff of dedicated Instructional Technologists that offer a wide-range of professional development and consulting services.

Partnered with only the best

Through our competitive RFP process, OETC has negotiated contracts with some of the best vendors and manufacturers in the industry. We currently have over 70 manufacturers under a competitively bid contract covering more than 10,000 SKUs.

Governed by the membership

OETC is professionally managed by a hardworking, dedicated staff of nine individuals. The membership elects a board of directors to oversee the staff and provide organizational guidance.

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Interested in serving on OETC’s Board? Board seats are filled annually by a vote of the membership. A board term is three years.