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OETC expertly negotiates competitively bid contracts that make purchasing technology convenient, legal, accessible and affordable for educational institutions.

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Request for Proposals (RFP)

OETC adheres to a sealed, competitive bidding process to negotiate contracts that abide by state procurement statutes.

About Technology Purchasing - RFP Proposals

OETC advertises a multi-state, competitive RFP on behalf of our membership, open to all qualified educational technology providers.

About Technology Purchasing - Trained Scorers

Trained OETC scorers evaluate proposals based on a disclosed rubric.

About Technology Purchasing - Awards

Awards are based on the lowest price offering from a qualified respondent.


Access to RFP documentation is public for the convenience of our membership. All RFP and resulting contract documentation can be found on the OETC store.

Audit Support

OETC’s RFPs follow model contracting laws. We provide complete RFP and contract documentation to any state agency auditing an OETC member for a purchase made on an OETC contract.

Independent Financial Review

Our organization’s finances are reviewed by an independent CPA every year, and findings are presented to the OETC Board of Directors to uphold internal accountability.

Hassle-Free Updates

OETC keeps our RFPs and contracts up to date and renewed (when applicable) and handles the legal logistics of managing contracts.

State Laws

OETC’s qualified legal staff oversees all RFP and contract processes to verify that they adhere to model contracting laws in a variety of states.

Alaska – Alaska Stat. 36.30.700 Cooperative purchasing authorized. (Alaska Statutes (2015 Edition))

California – CA Govt Sec. 6500-6537 (California Code (2015 Edition))

Hawaii – Haw. Rev. Stat. 103D-802 Cooperative purchasing authorized. (Hawaii Revised Statutes (2015 Edition))

Idaho – Idaho Code 67-2326 Joint Action By Public Agencies — Purpose. (Idaho Statutes (2015 Edition))

Nevada – § NRS 332.195 Joinder or mutual use of contracts by local governments. (2015 Edition)

Montana – Mont. Code 18-4-402 Cooperative purchasing authorized.

Oregon – ORS 279A.205 Cooperative procurements authorized and ORS 279A.210 Joint cooperative procurements

Washington – Wash. Rev. Code 39.34.030 Joint powers — Agreements for joint or cooperative action, requisites, effect on responsibilities of component agencies — Financing of joint projects. (Revised Code of Washington (2015 Edition))

Wyoming – Wyo. Stat. 16-1-101 Authority to cooperate. (Wyoming Statutes (2014 Edition))

Request for Quotes (RFQ)and Sole Source Agreements

OETC primarily negotiates RFP-backed contracts, but will occasionally enter into RFQ-backed contracts or Sole Source Agreements when appropriate.

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Hosting a wide variety of products and supported by a dedicated customer service team, OETC’s online store provides simple and reliable technology purchasing for educational professionals.

Visit the OETC Store
OETC Store

The Whole Process in One Place

Members can track orders, view purchase history, reprint invoices, or browse for new products at any time with OETC’s full-service online store.

Experienced Support

OETC provides our membership with dedicated support services. Whether by phone or by email, members will receive a timely response to questions.

Personalized Access

Members can grant access to multiple employees to browse, purchase, or administer on an OETC store account.

Send and Receive Quotes

Unlike most volume purchasing organizations, OETC enables its membership to request quotes and buy directly through the store.

Manufacturer and Reseller Information

Manufacturers and resellers currently on an OETC contract can find detailed information about setting up a store page in our Getting Started with OETC [PDF] document.

Manufacturers and resellers looking to negotiate an OETC contract can find out more about this process at our Vendor and Manufacturer Information page.