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Thursday, 5:00–6:00 p.m.

Women in Technology

Diane Doersch
Cascade Locks A

No two days are ever the same in the world of technology leadership. This session will provide information from a current woman leader in technology, Green Bay Area Public School District’s Chief Technology and Information Officer, Diane Doersch. Through real life examples, she will share the skills, strategies, and dispositions she has developed to handle the current reality, cope with the struggles, and also some keys to success. There is a strong need to recruit, attract, and retain female technology leaders; be a part of the solution.

Friday, 9:00–10:00 a.m.

Keynote: 10 Tactics for Radically Delightful Change Management

Sara El-Amine
Stevenson C/D

At the core of what most of us do are basic premises of the art and science of change management: getting people who are wired for the status quo to subscribe to a better and newer path while helping it feel like—or even better, truly be—THEIR idea. Community organizers have been using these tools for millennia, but CTOs are organizers too, and they are shepherding discrete parties towards a shared vision and outcome with minimal time and resources.

Whether you’re helping source and establish a new CRM at your school among uninterested implementers, or trying to revitalize an existing process, we’ll cover exciting and battle-tested behavioral science tactics (rarely deployed in contexts like these), that you can use to ensure better outcomes, easier processes, and happier colleagues.

Join one of the country’s leaders in micro and macro change management as she talks about and models 10 tactics that will take you from today to tomorrow, with less gray hair, more colleague capital, and a lot more savvy.

Friday, 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

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Persuasion 201

Sara El-Amine

Ever had to persuade someone to do something–anything–and found yourself talking circles around them to no avail? Do you end up in conversations with coworkers, family members, managers, and employees where you have limited time and data with which to change hearts and minds?

Join Sara El-Amine, one of the country’s leading social change makers, for a deep dive and interactive workshop on the art and science of persuasion, with a specific focus on the “two minute rule” of delivery and the “IRS” (no, not the US Government one…) rule of structure. You’ll leave ready to rule the world (or, your next one-on-one meeting with a prickly colleague or your teenage daughter).

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Panel Discussion: Deployment Strategies and Ideas for 1:1 Initiatives and Equipment Refreshes

IFS, Mead SD, Evergreen PS, Washougal SD

Deploying new technologies in an education setting can sometimes feel like an overwhelming undertaking. A smooth deployment requires an all-hands-on-deck approach that involves buy-in from your entire team. Plus, pulling together the financing to support your project can threaten even the best-laid plans. Attend this session to discuss the best tips for leading your next deployment or refresh. Learn how to gain board support and work with principals, and discover how leasing technology can help you solve the financial challenges you face as an education leader.

Friday, 1:30–2:30 p.m.

Choose one of the following concurrent sessions.

Why Sensitive Data Feels Insecure, and What We Can Do to Reassure It: How to Develop the Foundation of a Viable Information Security Program

Leslie Golden

We will discuss the difference between security and compliance when it comes to data protection, identify the most common information security challenges faced in K-12, and work together to build upon the most critical elements of an information security program. Attendees should expect to be highly involved in the identification of solutions to: aversion to culture change, vendor misalignment, leadership as role models, and the role of accountability in security. A lot of resources and session work product will be made available.

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Panel Discussion: Building a Device Mass Deployment System

Beaverton SD

Over a 9 month period, the Beaverton School District deployed 32,000 chromebook devices and 15,000 iPads. The speed and scale made it necessary to form planning teams comprised of many different stakeholders and develop processes and automation to most efficiently get the device from a box on a pallet into the hands of a student. A panel of Beaverton team members will share how they collaboratively created, tested, and refined deployment strategies to make this effort a success.