Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order?

The preferred method of placing an order is to use the OETC Consortium Store. If that can not be done you may email a purchase order to us, or fax a purchase order to us (503.625.0504). We do not accept orders over the phone..

Can only members purchase?

All items and services purchased through OETC are available only to members, their staff, faculty and students. Instructions on becoming a member can be found here.

Can I purchase items for my personal use?

OETC offers select hardware and software for personal purchase by students, faculty and staff at our Techhead store.

Are there fiscal year end purchasing deadlines?

Yes. Since different OETC members have different fiscal years the dates below are relative to any year end. If you need a special exception, please call the OETC. If we can work something out with our vendor partners we will.

  • For Furniture and SMART Technology: Six (6) weeks prior to year end
  • All other hardware and peripherals: Three (3) weeks prior to year end
  • Software and licensing except Microsoft and Adobe: Two (2) weeks prior to year end
  • Microsoft and Adobe licenses: One (1) week prior to year end

What are normal delivery times?

Below is our is normal delivery times. Back ordered items and items in constrained supply will have different shipping times than below.

  • For Furniture and SMART Technology: Six (6) weeks
  • All other hardware and peripherals: Three (3) weeks.
  • Software and licensing except Microsoft and Adobe: One (1) week
  • Microsoft Select and Adobe licenses: Instantaneous key generation from the Consortium Store. Invoiced within two (2) days.

What are normal shipping charges?

All items except Anthro furniture are priced freight on board. To give each member the best possible pricing, freight is calculated on a per-order basis for Anthro furniture.

What is OETC’s return policy?

Almost all items can be returned for a full refund with no restocking fee. The OETC cannot refund shipping charges, nor is the OETC responsible for return shipping costs, or items lost or damaged during return.

  • For Microsoft and Adobe media sets: Thirty (30) days
  • For Microsoft and Adobe licenses: Fourteen (14) days
  • For hardware: Thirty (30) days
  • For custom designed furniture: No returns

What is the relationship between E-Rate, SPINS, and OETC?

OETC has acquired a service provider information number (SPIN) to facilitate an OETC member’s use of the federally funded ERATE program. With OETC’s participation in the program, schools will be able to stretch their technology dollars even further by taking advantage of the discounts the OETC has secured with eligible vendors when making an ERATE purchase. The OETC SPIN is: 143022399.


What is the 80/20 Rule?

Several software publishers on our list allow home use according to the “80/20 Rule.” This rule states that if a school purchases a software license for a specific computer where the teacher/staff is the primary user (80%+ of the time), the teacher/staff may install the software on a home computer at no extra charge. The use of the software at home is governed by the same license agreement as at school, (i.e., it may not be used for commercial/for-profit use.)

The 80/20 Rule only applies to staff and faculty, for as long as they are employed by the qualified OETC member. Lab computers do not qualify for the 80/20 rule. The school or college is responsible for providing media for installation. Media may not be purchased from OETC by individuals. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.

Important note: Microsoft has discontinued the 80/20 rule and replaced it with a plethora of other options, all of which are contingent upon which type of software license your institution purchased.

The easiest way to get the best software in the hands of students, staff and faculty for personal use is to utilize The Techhead Store.

What are work at home rights?

Work at home rights or WAH allow an institution to purchase a software license and permit employees to use the software on their home computers if the software is only used for work. WAH applies to Microsoft Office. It is the institution’s responsibility to ensure compliance. The OETC recommends faculty, staff and students purchase software for home use from Techhead.

What is the home use program (HUP)?

The home use program is a Microsoft program for EES customers. Contact your Microsoft representative for further details.

Can I just buy a media or do I need to buy a license?

Purchasing media does not give you the right to install or use that software. You must first purchase a license.

In most cases, media (CDs /disk sets) and licenses may be purchased separately. If a school is outfitting a lab they can buy a single CD to install the program on all computers and buy licenses for each computer on which they wish to install the software.

What is the difference between license and a shrinkwrap?

A shrinkwrap is what we call a single installation of any product (most often used for personal home use.) Included in the box is an install CD/DVD, one license, documentation or manual (sometimes electronic), and technical support. This product cannot be used in conjunction with other volume products and may only be installed on one computer.

A volume license is owned by the member institution for installation in classroom labs or administrative use. The license keys are assigned to OETC based on OETC’s vendor agreements and cannot be registered by the institution. Technical support is not included with volume licenses. Volume licenses cannot be purchased for personal use.

A shrink-wrap is a boxed copy of the software. The term ‘shrinkwrap’ is derived from the outer plastic covering historically used to “seal” the box. Minimally shrink wraps contain a copy of a single user license agreement, a method for installing the software (dvd, cd, or instructions for download), and a product key or serial number that can be registered by the end user. Some manufacturers opt to include installation guides or documentation. Shrink-wraps can be purchased for installation on an individual workstation within a network, however, they are not designed for multiple user usage, nor can shrink-wrap media be used in conjunction with volume licenses. Attempting to use shrink-wraps for anything other than their intended purpose is (in some cases) a violation of its license agreement, and can cause network/product instability.

What is a concurrent license?

Concurrent Use (Shared) Licenses: A shared license allows multiple users to use a product concurrently, or simultaneously. For example, if a company has a shared license for ten users, up to ten users can access at any given time, although more than ten users may have a valid login. A system administrator can monitor the number of licenses in use by querying the license server or by using the license usage reporting tool.



How do we add accounts so other employees can purchase?

Only Institutional Administrators may add accounts.

To do so simply log into the OETC Consortium Store and navigate to My Settings > Institution Users. In the upper right corner select the button “Add a new user” and fill out the information for the account you wish to create.

How do we get a complete report of all of our past purchases?

Log into the OETC Consortium Store and go to My Account > Purchase History. There you can generate an Excel report with your institution’s purchase history.

I lost my Adobe/Microsoft license key. How can I get another?

Log into the OETC Consortium Store and go to My Account > Recent Purchases. You can filter your orders by date, order number or purchase order number. Select the order, and you will then see a detailed report for the order complete with license keys.

Can I get another invoice for order #OCSXXXX or PO#XXXXX?

Log into the OETC Consortium Store and go to My Account > Recent Purchases. You can filter your orders by date, order number or purchase order number. Select the order, and you will then see a detailed report for the order complete with license keys.


Who is eligible for membership?

All public and private K-20 institutions, any non-profit with accreditation and all public libraries.

How can I join OETC?

Simply fill out our membership form.


What trainings do you offer?

A list of our current trainings can be found here.

Can I buy an iPad with a training?

Many of our trainings offer an included iPad in the cost. You’ll need to view the specific training to find out which trainings this applies to.

How can I be notified of future trainings and events?

Fill out the form below and we’ll sign you up for just integration events. You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never share your email address with anyone else.