Group Purchasing

The Power of One

Integrating technology means access to technology and access begins with a low price and the convenience of a single RFP.

The OETC organizes and coordinates cost effective, cooperative purchases through a sealed, competitive bid process.

Volume Pricing without the Volume

It shouldn’t matter if you are an institution with 50,000 students or 500. Everyone deserves a great price. By teaming the largest institutions with the smallest ones, the OETC gets all members a better price than they could on their own. Visit the OETC’s online store

Pencils Down. One RFP.

By state law, we all have to use a competitive bidding process for certain purchases, but that does not mean we can’t share the load. OETC lets everyone share the work and conduct one RFP that works in all of our member states. View OETC’s Contracts

One Store. Always Open.

Always Open So Help Yourself

Whether it is tracking an order, reprinting an invoice, or looking up past orders by purchase order number, OETC’s full service online store is always on and always accessible.

Total Control

Let employees browse, purchase or administer account. Administrators of OETC’s online store have complete access control to account and their privileges. View OETC’s store documentation

Purchase Reports

See all your orders in one place, and get full accounting of your purchases online. Visit OETC’s Store

Fanatical Support

Whether by phone, or by email, you’ll get a timely response to your questions. Get answers to your questions