We now have two new contracts as part of our EdTech Effectiveness Solutions ITB. These data-driven platforms give insight into what works in your district and what doesn’t, whether that’s spotting apps that aren’t used or analyzing the type of remote learning that’s most effective.


BrightBytes helps districts use both qualitative (Technology & Learning solution) and quantitative (EdTech Impact solution) data to make informed decisions. BrightBytes is the only solution that correlates impact on learning with app usage.

BrightBytes’ EdTech Impact solution provides a way to manage, streamline, and evaluate edtech applications utilized by schools and/or districts. It captures and analyzes critical qualitative and quantitative data about all app engagement, true cost per active user, and the relationship between app usage and student learning, based on interim and summative assessment scores.

The EdTech Impact solution uses a research-driven framework that enables leaders to evaluate technology products by assessing data across the three domains of Investment, Engagement, and Impact. It provides the necessary information educators need to triangulate data against observations and other tools.

  • Engagement: How well has your organization adopted edtech apps? How do students rate each app? How engaged are students when they use edtech apps?
  • Impact: What impact does your educational technology have on student achievement and learning outcomes?
  • Investment: How much is your organization actually spending per student for education apps?

The EdTech Impact solution analyzes the relationship between usage and achievement on national and/or state-standardized interim assessments and summative assessments in the following core academic areas: Math, Reading, General Science, Language, and Social Science.

With BrightBytes’ EdTech Impact, Districts can:

  • Measure technology engagement and impact
  • Identify and replicate effective technology integration methods
  • Understand conditions under which programs have the most impact
  • Determine each app’s ROI to inform resource allocation
  • Evaluate opportunities to consolidate and regain critical instructional budgets
  • Adjust technology implementation gaps and inform professional development plans

The BrightBytes dashboard becomes a central storage point for information regarding EdTech programs being used at the district or school level with data visualization to support collaboration and communication.

BrightBytes also offers Technology & Learning, a research based survey solution that measures and drives the factors that impact school technology usage. Districts and schools receive a customized, web-based dashboard that highlights strengths and challenges and provides a personalized set of recommended improvements in areas of access, skills, environment (including professional development and support) and learning.

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LearnPlatform is an edtech effectiveness system that equips education organizations to control their “Wild West” ecosystem by empowering them to organize, streamline, and analyze their technology to save time, save money, and improve outcomes.

Why use LearnPlatform

  • Increase return on investment: Schools, districts, and state education networks improve their financial and instructional returns with LearnPlatform, often saving more than 9 times their subscription.
  • Insights you can trust: Get real edtech reviews and insights from verified educators across districts like yours, who have used any of the more than 7,000 products included in LearnPlatform.
  • Edtech management made simple: Reduce headaches and save time for everyone by simplifying processes for product vetting, approvals, procurement, implementation, and measurement, all in a single platform.
  • Equity and security: Equip students to succeed by ensuring their access to the safest, most effective resources available, thanks to transparent insights on more than 7,000 edtech tools.

This SaaS also offers reviews and analysis on more than 7,000 products from across the country, both from verified users and the LearnPlatform team. They also offer a free, research-driven tool that will give you an automated report comparing you to 2,500 other organizations.

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