Squirrels education technology contract now available through OETC
We are excited to announce that OETC has partnered with Squirrels LLC to make their screen mirroring software available to OETC members. When you buy Squirrels products directly from the OETC Store, you are ensured a competitively-bid education technology contract, as well as access to OETC’s dedicated service and support team.

About Squirrels

Founded in 2012, Squirrels LLC is a team of 34 based in North Canton, Ohio. They understand the importance of technology in education and provides a variety of resources for teachers to feel comfortable integrating education technology into their classroom.

Squirrels Products Available on the OETC Store

OETC members can choose from three different screen mirroring programs on the OETC store. With AirParrot 2, you can stream media from your computer screen to any number of devices simultaneously. Reflector 2 turns your computer into a wireless receiver for mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, and laptops. Ditto is a cloud-based service that wirelessly mirrors computer screens to large screens or digital projection systems. In addition, OETC can help your education institution access ClassHub, a popular device administration program. Great for student presentations, all three programs are available for Apple, Windows, Chromecast, and Android devices.

How do I find out more?

To learn more about Squirrels, visit their website. You can find a full listing of products in the OETC Store. You can also chat with our knowledgeable service and support team through our contact form or by contacting (800) 650-8250.