The cadre has been a fourteen year, amazing partnership between OETC (Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum) and ODE (Oregon Department of Education). Bringing together educators from many walks of life to enrich our skills with tried and true technology integration, and instructional strategies while pushing personal boundaries around innovative ideas.

To give back, the cadre has enriched online resources for anyone to utilize. Take a peak and pass on the Instructional Strategies Database, Mobile Q&A and Mobile Resources ( We encourage your involvement in this community whether it is a lurking reader, contributor or sharer of content.

The cadre’s goal is to identify and disseminate best practices targeting innovative technology integration into teaching and learning, by:

  • Providing forums for networking and ongoing collaborative work,
  • Effectively integrating technology standards with Common Core Content Standards,
  • Focusing on exemplary staff development skills by designing staff development structures to improve practice and educator effectiveness,
  • Modeling and practicing effective instructional strategies while demonstrating emerging technologies.