Convenience, lower costs, and no minimum FTE: HiEd institutions can now purchase Creative Cloud through the OETC store.

The OETC has negotiated a custom Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement (ETLA) with Adobe. This is an FTE-based agreement that enables OETC higher education members to purchase the latest Creative Cloud software while benefiting from the larger buying power of the consortium, gaining convenience for a single FTE-based purchase, and achieving budget certainty for keeping up-to-date with Adobe products.

What Adobe products are available through the OETC Consortium?

The OETC ETLA focuses on two products: Acrobat Professional and Creative Cloud Enterprise. Institutions pay to license Adobe Acrobat for 75% of their FTE, and Creative Cloud for 25%.

  • Acrobat Professional: $15 per FTE (Must be at least 75% of FTE)
  • Creative Cloud Enterprise: $155 per FTE (Must be at least 25% of FTE)

Show me an example annual cost breakdown.

Cost based on a two year commitment


Are there additional add-on options?

  • Presenter: $8 per FTE (must cover all FTE)
  • Captivate: $8 per FTE (must cover all FTE)
  • Digital Publishing Suite (for instructional use only or Single Publication) – $10,000/year
  • EchoSign – $3,000 per year for 10 user bundle

When do I need to submit a PO?

Interested institutions will need to express interest to OETC or Adobe by June 30th, 2015.

What is Creative Cloud? What about CS6?

In May, 2013, Adobe transitioned to a subscription-based, term-software licensing model in conjunction with upgrading CS6 to the Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud is only available as a subscription license. CS6 continues to be available on perpetual license purchased on CLP, available through the OETC store. The OETC has been working hard, in partnership with Adobe, to bring the value and savings the consortium enjoyed under CLP to the new subscription licensing required to purchase Creative Cloud.

How To Calculate Your FTE

Use the formula below to determine the number of faculty/staff FTE employees you have.


Include only knowledge workers in your FTE calculation. Employees such as maintenance, grounds keeping, or others who do not use technology as a part of their regular work should be excluded. For example, you have 200 full-time faculty, 300 part-time faculty, 300 full-time staff, and 400 part-time staff. The FTE employee count is calculated as follows:

200 + (300 ÷ 3) + 300 + (400 ÷ 2) = 800 FTE employees

In this case your desktop platform product licenses would be based on 800 FTE employees.