The OETC was founded in 1983. It started as a group of teachers that wanted to share video resources. They realized they could pool their resources and get more videos for their dollar than each of them individually purchasing what they wanted.

In the last 30 years, the organization has grown significantly. We have over 70 manufacturers represented in our online OETC Consortium Store, integratED – Improving education with technology, run two national conferences, and countless trainings.

But fundamentally the OETC has remained the same. We are an organization comprised of education institutions coming together to achieve something as a group that couldn’t be achieved by any single member on its own. The OETC always strives to be greater than the sum of its parts.

To that end we wanted to update our organization’s identity. Nothing radical, but we wanted a mark that symbolized that we are a collection of parts that have come together as whole to achieve something great. And so today we are unveiling the new OETC logo and identity.

It is a lot of work to redo a logo, and it looks strikingly different than our current logo. But in the end, logos don’t matter. What a logo represents is imparted by our organization’s members and the staff our membership hires to conduct the business of the organization. And while we always are trying to adapt and change, nothing about our logo changes the commitment we have to improving education through the integration of technology.

Thomas Richards
Executive Director, the OETC