Addressing BYOD through Cloud Based PC & Mobile Device Management

Mobile and remote employees/students, PCs and laptops, Smartphones and tablets, how do you manage them all—and make sure users and your network are protected?

In today’s environment, the approach of bring your own device (BYOD) is being adopted more widely and management and security of these devices have become a challenge. Windows Intune is an all-in-one solution that helps academic organizations keep their Windows-based PCs and mobile devices well-managed and more secure from virtually anywhere with cloud-based management tools. Find out how the latest version of Windows Intune helps to address the many challenges academic organizations face in trying to manage and secure these hard to reach devices.

Presenter: Matt Goddard, Microsoft Intune Education Specialist
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2012
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm PST
Registration Code (Required): F93752