OETC has adopted Select Plus for our perpetual Microsoft licensing moving away from Select.

Select Plus offers the same licensing benefits of Select, and is offered at the same low price OETC has always been able to negotiate for our membership. The vast majority of our membership will see no difference now that OETC is on a Select Plus agreement.

Benefits of Select Plus

  • Benefits prorate quarterly instead of annually
  • Every year our benefits extend back to three years
  • Same great pricing as Select

The main difference is for our members who buy subscription licenses or licenses with Software Assurance (Sub/SA). Previously our Sub/SA benefits ended in February of 2015. Under Select it did not matter when you bought your Sub/SA license, your benefits always expired in February of 2015. Additionally, under Select Microsoft only prorated the benefits annually.

Under Select Plus, Microsoft prorates the benefits quarterly. Moreover, Microsoft extends the benefits automatically every year at July 1. So a Sub/SA license purchased today, April 1, 2012, would expire in July 2014 (two years and three months) and the cost would be prorated so that you are only paying for two years and three months. Previously you would have paid for the full three years of benefits but only received two years and three months. Furthermore a license purchased in July 1, 2012 will expire in July of 2015 (three years).

If this seems a little confusing, do not worry. OETC updates the products’ descriptions and automatically prorates the prices, so you always get the right license, at the best price, for the right amount of time. We also handle renewals, so if you lose track of your expiration date, we will remind you when it is time to renew.