The OETC Consortium Store now has Browse-only accounts. Staff and faculty from member institutions may now create an account to browse the OETC Consortium Store.

Staff and faculty visit and then select “Create a new account.” The sign-up form requires their name and email address. OETC checks that email address against our members and allows the employee to select the proper institution to join.

Browse-only accounts do not have the ability to make purchases. Browse-only accounts can add items to their cart, but instead of checking out, they are given the option to forward their cart to an Authorized Purchaser. Once forwarded, the Authorized Purchaser will receive an email with links to the items in the employee’s cart.

Institutional Admins also have the ability to create Browse-only accounts, or to upgrade a Browse-only Account to Purchaser or downgrade a Purchase account to Browse-only.

The way that we match a Browse-only account to the correct institution is by matching email domains (the part of the email after the @ symbol). We then verify that the Browse-only account has control of the supplied email which prevents random users from associating themselves with your institution.

Soon, OETC will give Institutional Admins the ability to add email domains to associate Browse-only accounts to their institution. For example some members have many email domains, but OETC only knows of one. In the meantime, if we don’t have an email domain associated with your account, simply send a message to, and we’ll add it.