This page no longer hosts the correct contact information for ordering the OETC Apple contract. Please visit for sales support and ordering information.

OETC Contract #4064

OETC has awarded Apple Inc a sole source for all computer products, software, and accessories compatible with OS X computing systems.

OETC found a sole source was necessary as no other vendor is authorized to sell OS X compatible computing hardware, nor iPhone OS compatible touch devices to educational institutions. Therefore to maximize compatibility a sole-source contract is appropriate.

To gain bid protections all OETC members should send Purchase Orders (POs) to Apple Inc. and reference contract #4064

Purchasing Information
Product Apple Inc.
Awarded Vendor

Apple Inc
Pre-sales, Sales & Technical Support:
1 (800) 800-2775 or

Ordering Information
Instructions & Pricing

Purchase Orders should be made out to Apple.

Order Address

Apple Inc.
12545 Riata Vista Circle, Mail Stop 198-3ED
Austin, Texas 7827
POs can also be emailed to

Payment Address:

Apple Inc.
P.O. Box 846095
Dallas, Texas 75284-6095

Award Type Sole Source